Summer 2021 neutral dresses! 

Obsessed with simple neutral dresses for this summer. Add a simple sandal or sneaker and be set for a long but fun summer day ☀️


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Summer 2021 neutral dresses! Obsessed with simple neutral dresses for this summer. Add a simple sandal or sneaker and be set for a long but fun summer day ☀️ •••••••••••••••••••• Summer, summer style, summer fashion, summer dresses, beige dress, white dress, tan dress, brown dress, beige dresses, tan dresses, white dresses, brown dresses, summer dress ideas, summer outfits #LTKSeasonal

Smocked Bodice Linen Blend Sundress | Nordstrom
Whisper Light Sheath Minidress | Nordstrom
Tie Front Dress | Nordstrom
Dolman Sleeve T-Shirt Dress | Nordstrom
Ari Long Sleeve Minidress | Nordstrom
Women's Short Sleeve Peasant Dress - Knox Rose™ Red | Target

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Chilly evening during the summer doesn’t have to mean you can’t dress like summer! 


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My favorite airport travel outfit! All of the items are from Target and affordable! 


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Modern pendant globe light fixture from Wayfair and it’s on huge sale! 


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3 super fun outfits for different occasions during spring 2021!

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I am totally obsessed with this oversized scrunchie! 


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New bodysuits! 

Shop my favorite new bodysuits from Abercrombie!


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Swim tips: 2021 edition!

These are some of my 2021 swim top favorites from Abercrombie 👙


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Container store clearance finds! 

Want to save some money on your new organization items? Then check out these container store clearance finds! 


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Let’s get comfy! 

6 of my favorite soft and comfy slippers ✌🏻


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Spring 2021 yellow dresses 💛

Shades of yellow are totally my favorite for this spring season. We all need some bright and fun colors right now! 


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New stationery that I am loving!


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May favs ✨💛✨

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Happy National Fitness Days! I’m sharing my favorite Target fitness finds. Affordable activewear from Target is my favorite! 

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Spring 2021 neutral dresses! 

I love a good neutral dress that can work for so many different occasions and these are so perfect 🤍


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I’m so excited to share some of these spring fashion favorites from Red Dress!


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Spring flat favs!

These are some of my favorite flats for this spring season! 


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Spring transition outfit with a blue romper and denim jacket 💙

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These are some of my favorite spring sneakers for 2021! 

I love light colors sneakers for the most part but look at those black ones with the embroidery- amazing!

Spring shoes, spring sneakers, spring tennis shoes, athletic shoes, athletic fashion, spring fashion, spring style, athletic fashion, athletic clothes  

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Impress in these Target blazers! 

Affordable work fashion is so important and these blazers are all affordable and so perfect for work. 


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Beach essentials! Everything you need for your next beach trip!


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Last minute Cinco De Mayo hosting favorites! 

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Neutral patio decor finds! I love these affordable favorites for your patio that work with lots of different styles! 

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My favorite of the week is this pastel bandana tank top! 

Totally perfect as a spring piece with a denim jacket over it and then alone in the summer when it warms up! 


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Let’s get cozy! 

Check out these cozy fashion finds from Good Night Macaroon! 


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Abercrombie spring basics!

Shop these cute basic favorites from Abercrombie for this spring time! 


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Spring out for idea! 

Bandana tops and dark denim are so great for transitioning into the warmer weather. Shop these ones from 201 Lane!


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Target spring fashion basics! 

Let’s get basic! I love these simple new pieces from Target that are perfect for the spring time. 


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New leggings I am loving! 

All 5 of these leggings can be purchased from Nordstrom! 


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