Target just duped the forever adored chunky hand knit blanket for half the price! You’re welcome! 💕 #LTKunder100 #StayHomeWithLTK #LTKhome #liketkit

Target just duped the forever adored chunky hand knit blanket for half the price! You’re welcome! 💕 #StayHomeWithLTK #liketkit

50" x 70" Oversized Chunky Hand Knit Decorative Bed Throw - Casaluna™ | Target

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Summer date night outfit linked! #liketkit
My Bible tabs, pens and highlighters! #bibleaccesories #liketkit
Some words just sound like what they mean. And for me, home is one of them. It’s warm. It’s comfort. It’s love. 
What’s one space you love in your home? 
Mine will always be the kitchen, where we eat and have our deepest conversations together. #liketkit #LTKhome
Spider man and kinetic sand! Now that’s what I call a good day! #liketkit
Target Tuesday. Fell in love with these white sneaks! They can go with anything! #liketkit
Mentor Monday!! One of my favorite books. This book showed me my purpose. And I never dreamed it was to start a blog. But today I’m so glad I read this and have been able to document my life and invite others along for the ride. #liketkit
Showing off my favorite work bag/tote today. #liketkit
Kitchen accessories are some of my favorite things to buy! But I also like them to double as my decor! Check out my pretty cutting boards and tea kettle! #liketkit
While I dream of one day having a walk in pantry, this one will do. I got a bunch of containers from the dollar store and found these great labels that come with a white marker to keep everything in its place! #liketkit
Walmart Wednesday Finds!! #liketkit
Perfect shoes to go with those pretty summer dresses! #liketkit
A praying wife: filled with great prayers to pray for our husbands daily. #liketkit
Great book for negative thinking! #liketkit
I love my house to be filled with things so that when strangers come in they know exactly what they are getting. And this kitchen sign makes it plain and simple.
😂 #liketkit #LTKhome
Target Tuesday- love these studded tan slip inside! #liketkit
Target Tuesday! Found this great two piece bandeau swimsuit! #liketkit
Mama found her swimsuit for summer 2021! #liketkit
Today is a good day for a good day! Linked up my outfit details and home decor for you! #liketkit
Going to stop and smell the roses! Linked my mom jeans and sweater as well as some of kitchen details for ya! Happy Monday! #liketkit
Me and one of my little Valentines. I’m wearing my cozy valentine pj’s with my  “forever newlyweds” mug my hubby got me! 🥰💕😍❤️ #liketkit #LTKSeasonal #LTKVDay #StayHomeWithLTK
Cute cover up that doubles as a summer casual outfit. #liketkit
“Yay! You’re here!” Hoping for that kind of welcome when I get to heaven and see my maker. ☺️
Welcome mats, shoes and simian flower pots linked under “shop” in my website. Link in bio. #liketkit
There’s just something about front porch sittin’ in the spring! 

I love to rock in our rocking chairs and listen to the birds chirp in the morning. Anyone else? 🌸☀️ #liketkit
One of the best fiction christian books of all time. #liketkit
Motherhood is not about having it all together, but together having it all. 

Prayer for moms:

Lord, let us not be so concerned with perfection that we forget about being present. We know our kids want us at our happiest, just the same as we want them. So help us to lead this day with a joyful heart above all. And when we get stressed remind us to turn to you. We ask you this in your precious and worthy name. Amen.  💕🙏🏻 #liketkit
Target Tuesday! Found these awesome basic tank tops in lots of colors for $5! #liketkit
Scarletts ootd and trucker Jean jacket! #liketkit
Anyone else turn on kids bop and dance with their toddlers and pretend they are back in da club? 😆 
Silas and I also love the graphic tee section at Target. Check out our favorites. ❤️ #liketkit
For those that asked, here’s Scarletts fun car! Great for babies who can sit-up or walk. #liketkit #LTKbaby #LTKkids
Headed out for a Valentine’s date with my hubby. Kept it casual! #liketkit #LTKVDay